Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is extremely common and can signal any number of ailments, from minor to major. Most of us experience some type of lower back problem at least once in our lives, and much of the population has chronic pain. Back pain is part of most people’s daily lives–sedentary jobs, lack of exercise, and repetitive stress can all contribute to lower back pain.

Diagnose Your Low Back Pain

Because there are so many conditions associated with low back pain, it may be hard to get a handle what the source of your particular low back pain.

Lower Back Pain Self Diagnosis

You can diagnose your pain to a point, but mostly you just need to know how to specifically identify it so that if and when you seek medical attention it can speed an objective diagnosis.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Much of the science of ergonomics, which studies how we interact with our work environment, revolves around preventing lower back pain, that’s how prevalent a problem it is in the course of daily life.
Lower Back Pain

Relieve Your Lower Back Pain With A Pill

It’s not uncommon for a doctor to prescribe muscle relaxers to relive back pain, especially if that pain causes any degree of immobility.
Exercise Guide

Exercise Your Way To A Pain-free Back

One of the most important factors in dealing with back pain is preventing it, and prevention has its roots in exercise.