Joint Pain

Ailments Related To Joint Pain

By Jarrett Kruse

Joint pain is a catchall phrase that refers to pain in any joint in the body. Because the term is general, there are many possible causes, but arthritis is the most common of the causes of joint pain. Arthritis pain can strike any joint in the body, but the ones we use most, like the hips and hands, are particularly vulnerable. Arthritis back pain may be referred to another part of the body as well. Arthritis in the spine may cause left or right back pain and can be confused with muscle pain. People who have chronic pain in the joints have a number of treatment options, including joint replacement surgery

Although arthritis is the most common cause of joint pain, there are others, including Osteoporosis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Lyme disease, and advanced bone cancer. To get proper treatment, it’s important to get am exact diagnosis in consultation with your doctor or preferred health care provider. Among the causes and treatments for joint pain are:

  • Arthritis. Symptoms include an increase in pain with activities and limited range of motion. When conservative treatment fails, these patients are good candidates for hip replacement, knee replacement, or other joint replacement surgery.
  • Bursitis. Pain is intensified with pressure on the bursa, the sac surrounding the joint. Anti-inflammatory drugs are often recommended. If they fail, cortisone injections may be tried
  • Tendonitis. An irritation or inflammation of the tendons connecting the hip joint to the leg. As we age, we lose elasticity in our tendons and they don’t move or glide as easily as they did in our youth. Anti-inflammatory drugs are often
  • Lyme disease. Joint pain is usually accompanied by flu-like symptoms, a rash, or neurological symptoms. Lyme diseases usually treated with a course of anti-biotics